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No resolution expected for ‘Dreamers’ by end of year

The status of recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program — commonly known as Dreamers — likely will remain in limbo until 2018, as members of Congress spar over Immigration reform and a potential government shutdown…. Read More

Thousands More Border Kids Swept Into Provide-Attorney Lawsuit

Remember that class-action lawsuit involving legal representation for thousands of “border kids” facing deportation? The one where a senior immigration judge named Jack Well said in a sworn deposition that children did not need legal representation and that… Read More

Sen. Patrick Leahy: Many children facing deportation are forced to proceed before a judge without a lawyer

A powerful U.S.senator, who serves as the ranking Democrat on the Senate’s justice committee and on the body’s subcommittee on immigration, has authored a national CNN opinion piece blasting the nation’s current approach to the “border kids,” our term for… Read More