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Clearview AI Inc. facing litigation for violating data privacy laws

Clearview AI Inc., which uses facial recognition to provide photographic information, is facing litigation in Illinois and New York for violating data privacy laws. According to, “Clearview AI Inc., which uses facial recognition to provide photographic information,… Read More

California Civil Courts Backlogged

Civil courts in California were already backlogged before they¬†basically shuttered in March. Now with COVID-19, Los Angeles County is not considering civil trials until at least January 2021 and Orange County’s civil trials are on hold through at… Read More

Publication of Trump Tell-All Book Halted by New York Judge

Originally filed in Queens County (New York) Surrogate‚Äôs Court but rejected, President Donald Trump’s brother,¬†Robert Trump, then filed a petition with the New York State Supreme Court to¬†request an injunction that would halt the publication of a tell-all… Read More

Trump Games the Legal System but Will It Last?

by Sara Corcoran, Courts Monitor Publisher (Originally published in¬†CityWatch¬†LA, 12/2/19) DC DISPATCH-In a normal judicial proceeding, when the Court speaks, it does so through orders. A court order is a command issued by a judge. If a judge… Read More