Category: Civil Gideon

New Maryland Rule Moves Toward Civil Gideon?

With the civil unrest in Baltimore still simmering, it seems a good time to pass on some potential help for indigent residents there who face civil court actions, like evictions or family law issues. A legal blogger for… Read More

Fla. Chief Justice Becomes Voice For ‘Civil Gideon’

Jorge Labarga, the Florida Supreme Court chief justice, has become an outspoken advocate of “Civil Gideon,” the idea that certain civil court issues should require the same access to legal representation we have in criminal courts. He’s been making the rounds… Read More

WSJ Story Notes Civil Gideon Trend

The Wall Street Journal is taking notice of momentum for a “civil Gideon” approach to lawsuits involving life-changing decisions, like foreclosure or family custody. The WSJ reports that the newly approved state budget “… allocated $85 million for… Read More