NYC Steps Up To Aid C.A. Immigrants

You can add the Big Apple to the list of cities providing representation for those Central American children seeking refuge in the United States. The NYC government has announced that it would place representatives at federal immigration court, joining San Francisco which is actually funding attorneys to represent some of the children.

The New York Times is reporting that judges are also stepping in: “… the hundreds of children who recently arrived in New York City from Central America have encountered a justice system that appears more forgiving than many faced by their counterparts elsewhere. In an immigration courtroom in Lower Manhattan, they have often met judges who have steered them through the legal process with a gentle hand.”

The NYT also says that “… more and more children face deportation hearings under an accelerated court process meant to deal with the influx of unaccompanied minors, health and education officials have begun offering advice just outside the courtroom, closing a gap that officials say has left children in limbo.”