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ADVWG applauds investigation into asbestos bankruptcy trusts

The Asbestos Double-Victims Workgroup (ADVWG) is calling on additional state officials and federal authorities to join 13 states investigating whether several large national asbestos bankruptcy trusts are mismanaging funds, including if they failed to reimburse Medicaid and other medical… Read More

Asbestos Bankruptcy Settlement, Conflicts & Racketeering Clouds Loom

In the latest HuffPo piece by Courts Monitor Publisher, Sara Warner, she writes about Garlock’s asbestos bankruptcy settlement which has multiple implications for the $10 billion per year asbestos-lawsuit industry: “In the insular world of civil litigation, watershed… Read More

‘Outlier’: Garlock Case Gives Traction to Asbestos Fraud Claims

Originally featured in the Huffington Post. Even if all you know (or ever want to know) about the world of asbestos litigation business comes from those unavoidable “if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma”… Read More

New Estimate: Asbestos Plaintiff Firms ‘Pocket’ $2 Billion Annually

How much of a victim’s settlement or jury award should go to contingency attorneys is always a touchy subject, so it’s no wonder that a new estimate that plaintiffs’ firms “pocket” $2 billion per year is getting attention…. Read More