Civil Cases Eyed To Spur Health Coverage

What happens in Vegas is likely to be heard elsewhere if a law firm is successful with a civil action to force action on health care coverage. The L.A. Review-Journal newspaper reports that local firm “… Callister Immerman & Associates on Thursday filed a type of action unusual in civil cases to compel the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange to establish a fund for a task force that would manually enroll critically ill consumers who paid premiums to Nevada Health Link but who had coverage delay…”

According to the report, “… the firm hopes its filing — called a writ of mandamus — will force immediate action, said partner Matthew Callister. Under mandamus, a court can order government officials to properly fulfill their official duties or correct abuses.”

The firm’s filing also requested an order from Clark County District Court shortening the time in which to hear the plaintiffs’ motion. The lawsuit is trying to address ongoing problems with the state’s health care system mandated by the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare.