Atlanta Paper Focuses On Family Detention Center

The Atlanta Constitution-Journal newspaper is reporting on America’s new family detention centers where thousands of refugees are being held while their immigration status is decided. The report notes that many connections between Georgia and a relatively nearby facility.

It notes that “… the South Texas Family Residential Center — the largest of its kind in the U.S. with capacity to hold 2,400 people — is now ground zero in the contentious national debate over illegal immigration. And there is a lot at stake in that debate for Georgia, a state that has fought for years to drive out immigrants living illegally within its borders.”

Among the connections? Jobs. The ACJ says that “… Georgians are also depending on the family detention center in Dilley for work. Since last year, 46 people have permanently or temporarily transferred there from other Georgia detention centers operated by Corrections Corp. of America, a private prison company based in Nashville, Tenn.”

Immigration cases are considered civil, not criminal, and that’s why many people do not have attorneys as they would in criminal cases. Read the story and see the graphics and photos here: