POLITICO Looks Into Judicial Appointment Backlog

The POLITICO website it taking a look at why the U.S. Senate is allowing a backup on federal appointments, including filling jobs for emergency judges. The report comes after a critical report documented serious delays in civil justice cases, as reported here in the Wall Street Journal.

That WSJ report quoted a seated federal judge in California saying of civil¬†court delays that “it is not justice. We know it.‚ÄĚ

Alarmingly, POLITICO says it might be political payback for the so-called¬†“nuclear option” of last year that forced some appointments through to a¬†vote despite the long-standing tradition of needing 60 of 100 votes to move¬†a nomination to a full vote. Reports POLITICO of the GOP-controlled Senate,¬†“… Republicans don‚Äôt pinpoint one reason for the major logjam at the¬†judicial level, which has infuriated outside groups intent on seeing the¬†Senate fill 23 judicial emergencies across the nation‚Äôs courts. Some argue¬†that Senate Republicans are still getting up and running, while others say¬†the delay is retribution for Democrats‚Äô power play with the nuclear option.”

Read the POLITICO report here.