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Why Ferguson Opposed The ā€˜Ferguson Reformsā€™

With civil unrest in Ferguson, MO, once again making headlines, it’s probably worth noting that much of all this had to do with municipal court reform. In particular, it had to do with traffic tickets given to poor… Read More

POLITICO Looks Into Judicial Appointment Backlog

The POLITICO website it taking a look at why the U.S. Senate is allowing aĀ backup on federal appointments, including filling jobs for emergency judges.Ā The report comes after a critical report documented serious delays in civilĀ justice cases, as reported… Read More

Unaccompanied Child Lawsuit Gets Federal Hearing, And It’s A Mess

Politico’s David Rogers has one of the better reports on that federal court hearing in Seattle over the issue of providing legal counsel to the unaccompanied children migrating to the U.S. from nations other than Mexico, and it… Read More