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Syracuse University Shedding Light On Lawyers For Unaccompanied Refugee Children

A Syracuse University study is offering timely information on how many of those unaccompanied border-crossing children are getting representation: about 48 percent. The International Business Times is citing the study in saying that “… data further estimates that… Read More

Unaccompanied Child Refugee Crisis: Calling Out The Guard

With Texas Governor Rick Perry doubling-down on the “security option” in the wake of an ongoing children’s refugee crisis on the southwestern U.S. border, it might be a decent time to review just how we got to a… Read More

Gov. Brown Calls Child-Immigration Crisis A ‘Tragedy,’ Critic Says Comments Are ‘Empty’

California Gov. Jerry Brown, who has said the Golden State could be a “leader” on national immigration policy even though the issues involved are usually federally controlled, has called the border-crossing crisis involving unaccompanied children a “crisis,” but… Read More