NBC Bay Area Offers Look Inside SF Immigration Court

The investigative unit of an NBC affiliate in California’s Bay Area is reporting that thousands of people are trapped in legal limbo as the Justice Department’s immigration courts are unable to meet their caseloads. The report has an on-air interview with Leigh Marks, the outspoken immigration judge who has called for overhauling the system.

From the report by Stephen Stock and David Paredes: “These are the kind of issues where we say the immigration law is like the Twilight Zone of law. Or, like an alternate legal universe where we’ve fallen down Alice’s rabbit hole,” said Dana Leigh Marks, a sitting US Immigration Judge working in the San Francisco Division of the US Immigration Court. California has the largest number of backed-up cases in the US and San Francisco has the second largest in the state, after Los Angeles.

The report offers solid background, including explaining that “immigration court” is not a typical court, but rather a function of the Justice Department. Judge Marks says she should not have to worry about her boss questioning her work. See the story here: