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Cannabis the focus of new law practice

A Los Angeles-based law partner from a prominent firm is launching a cannabis-centered practice, a signal that marijuana has become big business. “Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan is formally launching a cannabis practice in the latest sign that… Read More

Deep-Dive Story Outlines Lawsuits, Pesticide Issues For Marijuana

It turns out that marijuana consumer seek the same “organic” and pesticide-free products that consumers seek in other agricultural products. The Slate magazine website has published a deep-dive into some of the legal and consumer issues facing the… Read More

First Court-Sanctioned Case of Interstate Medical Cannabis Commerce

A potentially precedent-setting cannabis case comes out of the Northeast this week. Linda Horan, a lifelong Labor activist, said her last fight would be to pave the way for medical cannabis to be used in New Hampshire. While… Read More

Lawsuits Defining Marijuana Policy In California And ‘Legal’ States

While the Golden State is not among the “legal” states like Colorado and Washington, it continues to stumble toward a more permissive marijuana policy via civil litigation. An example is the recent Fresno-based case where a state appeals… Read More

Court-Referred MJ Treatment: Court and Treatment Backlog

Project SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana) has long cited increases in people seeking treatment for marijuana as a core reason to keep prohibition. However, the WaPost reports this week that DHHS has come out with some context for… Read More