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Bolivian ex-heads of state convicted in U.S. civil trial

An April 3 guilty verdict in a civil trial in Florida marked something unique in case law: ‚ÄúThe case marks the first time that an ex-head of state was forced to face his accusers in a US court… Read More

Sara Corcoran interviews Alan Lowenthal, United States Congressman for California’s 47th District.

Just published is Courts Monitor publisher Sara Corcoran’s interview with¬†Alan Lowenthal, United States Congressman for California‚Äôs 47thDistrict. “I have the largest Cambodian community in the country, one of the largest Vietnamese American communities, and a large LGBTQ community…. Read More

Civil Rights Report Blasts Family Detention Centers For Asylum Seekers

A new report released last week by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, added to the complaints about the U.S. government’s family detention centers that house asylum seekers who entered the country illegally. Reuters is reporting that the… Read More