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Former NY Prosecutor Outlines ‘The Real Crisis’ For Immigration

Over the last five years, the budget for immigration courts grew by 74% — but the budget for immigration enforcement agencies grew by over 400%. The result is gridlock that makes those old criminal court dockets look like models… Read More

‘Civil Gideon’ Finding Support From NYC Council

The New York Times continues to cover the Big Apple’s efforts to provide some level of ‘civil Gideon’ to residents facing housing evictions. The term refers to providing civil representation in some cases, usually immigration and family law… Read More

Conn. Takes Steps Toward ‘Civil Gideon’ Momentum

For some time, Connecticut Bar Association President William Clendenen Jr. has focused on the “justice gap” facing low and moderate income residents facing serious legal issues. So it’s no surprise that the state’s bar association, via its regular… Read More